The association is made up of around thirty people, women and men, young and old, who spend some hours every afternoon, starting in September, always after each person’s working day, to set up this Nativity Scene which opening is eagerly awaited by all Valga the first Sunday of December.

In a large room, full of materials, are the people who are in charge of the fine work, making the figures that will make up the Nativity Scene. Wires, newspapers, modeling clay and many fabrics are the basic raw material to shape the characters that populate The Birth. Meanwhile, in another room, those who will shape the structure in which the Nativity Scene and the engines of the moving parts will sit are working.

In addition, we have a moat inside which is hidden all the machinery that is not seen, but which is essential for the Craft Nativity Scene in motion to respond correctly to its name.

Finally, there are the carpenters. A complete team responsible for the construction of houses, bridges, etc. Without forgetting the electricians and programmers who are the ones that make all the pieces move in coordination.

Members of the association

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